Cyrano (cyranocyrano) wrote in nomic,

Pre-Game Agreement

My proposal, to avoid the languishing between turns from last game:

(1) When input is required from a single player (as opposed to a group, such as a call to vote) if there is a delay of seven days without the input, the requirement for that input is waived. (ie: If the input required is a new rule suggestion, turn moves to the next player who then suggests a new rule.)

(2) When a New Rule Suggestion has been under discussion for seven days without posted input, it shall be considered open to a vote.

(3) When a New Rule Suggestion has been Open to a Vote for fourteen days and still failed to collect the complete complement of votes, all silent votes shall be considered abstentions and counted as negative votes.

(4) Any player using pictures of coyotes as 'userpics' shall receive a bonus 2 points every round because coyotes are so cool.

There. Is that hopelessly naive of me? Have I left any glaring loopholes or obviously neglected facets?
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